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place gtt order in upstox

Placing a Good Till Trigger (GTT) order in Upstox allows you to set a specific price for buying or selling a stock in the future. 

Steps to place a GTT order in Upstox

1Log in to the Upstox app 
2Select any Cash Segment Stock or F&O scrip.
3Go to the Summary page & access the GTT tab.
4Enter the desired quantity.
5Choose the product type.
6Set the price trigger.
7Click on ‘Review buy order’. 
8Click ‘Submit order.’ 

How do I place a GTT order in Upstox?

You can place a normal GTT order in Upstox by following these basic steps.

Step 1: First, you’ll need to log into your Upstox account. 

upstox gtt log in

Step 2: Then select any Cash Segment Stock or F&O scrip.

Step 3: Further, to access the ‘GTT’ tab, navigate to the ‘Summary’ page and select it. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Buy’ and then choose ‘GTT’ from the options.

upstox gtt navigate summary

Step 4: You have to enter the desired quantity.

upstox gtt enter desired quantity

Step 5: Choose the product type- ‘Delivery’ or ‘Intraday’.

upstox gtt select delivery or intraday

Step 6: You can set the price trigger by specifying whether you want to buy or sell the stock ‘Above’ your stated price, ‘Below’ for lower than your stated price, or ‘Immediately’ at the current market price.

upstox gtt place order

Step 7: Click on ‘Review buy order’. 

upstox gtt review

Step 8: After confirming the order, click ‘Submit order’ to successfully place your GTT order.

upstox gtt submit order