What is the Process to Verify KYC Details (Email and Mobile Number) registered with KRA?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024 Value Broking 2 Mins 2.2K
verify kyc details registered with KRA in Upstox

You must verify your KYC details, such as email ID and mobile number, registered with the KRA (KYC Registration Agency) as per SEBI guidelines. 

Steps to verify KYC details 

1Log in to the Upstox account and go to accounts.
2Click on the ‘Profile’ section.
3Go to generate TPIN for eDis’ option.
4CDSL will send an OTP. 
5CDSL will send you the TPIN.
6Enter your chosen TPIN & submit.

How Do I Verify my KYC Details?

Step 1: You have to visit cvlkra.com.

Step 2: Select the section for KYC inquiries.

Step 3: Fill in the captcha and PAN fields.

Step 4: To get your status, click “Submit.”

To find out the name of your KRA where KYC is recorded, look at the “KRA” column.

One of the following five will apply CVL KRA, KARVY KRA, NDML KRA, DOTEX KRA, and CAMS KRA.

Step 5: Once your KYC has been registered, visit that website and follow the on-screen directions to confirm your email address and mobile number.


It is not necessary for you to update the other KRA agencies if you have already finished updating one of them.

If you don’t verify your mobile number and email ID, then the following trading restrictions will apply:

  • You will not be allowed to trade.
  • Open positions will be squared off to prevent the risk of physical delivery or margin penalties.
  • Your Demat account will be frozen.

Please raise a ticket with us and attach the screenshot of the validated status as soon as your information is verified on the KRA site. Once the update has settled with Upstox, which should take about two business days, you can start trading again.

You must change it on Upstox by following the instructions listed below if your email address and mobile number on the KRA website differ.

We will change the information you have requested on our end and provide it to KRA for updating within three business days as soon as we receive your request. An OTP or verification link can be sent to you by KRA. I kindly ask that you complete the verification by clicking the provided link.

Additionally, your demat account will be deactivated if your KYC is incomplete.