How and When can I Check my IPO Allotment Status on Upstox?

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2024 Value Broking 2 Mins 3.0K
when can i check the allotment status on upstox

You can check the status of your IPO allotment online after submitting an application within a week following the public offering closing date. Here’s how to see the current status of allocation.

Steps to check your IPO allotment status on Upstox

1Log in to the Upstox app.
2Select ‘Invest in IPO’ by clicking on the ‘Discover’ link.
3Select the “My Applications” page to view the allocation status.
4Click on the IPO name to see the allotment.
5Click on ‘Status to see the allotment status.

How do I Check my IPO Allotment Status on Upstox?

Here’s how you can check your allotment status.

Step 1: Use your biometrics or 6-digit PIN to log in to the Upstox app.

Step 2: Select ‘Invest in IPO’ by clicking on the ‘Discover’ link located in the bottom navigation bar. You can now further verify your IPO allotment status in addition to your IPO application. 

upstox ipo allotment status discover

Step 3: You can see the allotment status by clicking on the IPO name.

upstox ipo allotment

Step 4: Upon selecting “Invest in IPOs,” two categories will appear: My Applications and Ongoing. Upon further selection of the “My Applications” page, you will be able to view the status of your allocation, whether it was received or not. 

upstox ipo allotment my applications

Step 5:  If you want to see the allotment, click on ‘Status’, where you will see the IPO journey.

upstox ipo allotment status

Step 6: If the allocation is successful, the allotted shares will be credited into your Demat account on the next working day.