How Do I Change My Primary Bank Account Linked With India Infoline?

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2024 Value Broking 2 Mins 2.7K

The primary bank account is the one that is connected to your IndiaInfoline account. A trading and demat account’s primary bank account is linked to the bank proof supplied when the account was opened. A primary bank account must be utilized to deposit or withdraw money from the trading account.

To change the primary bank account details linked with IIFL, follow the below-mentioned steps.

By using the IIFL Mobile App

Step 1. You must log in to the Mobile app. 

indiainfoline login

Step 2. Choose my reports. 

indianinfoline reports

Step 3. Click on my profile. 

indiainfoline my profile

Step 4. Select the details of the bank. 

indiainfoline bank details
indiainfoline my profile

Step 5. You can change your account by clicking on the Change Account button. 

Step 6. Enter the account and Re-enter the account number. 

Step 7. Select the type of account you want to select.

Step 8. Enter the IFSC code and click on Enter. 

Step 9. Depending on your choice, you will be assigned an OTP to your registered mobile number in the trading and demat accounts. 

Step 10. As a payment to your new bank account through IMPS, a transaction of INR 1.0 will be triggered. 

Step 11. New bank information will be entered into your vendor terminal and updated on IIFL records after the success of the IMPS verification.

By using Ask IIFL

Step 1. Open the mobile app or log in to

Step 2. Visit IIFL’s Ask Page

Step 3. From the list of available options, choose My Account.

Step 4. Choose Bank Information.

Step 5. Choose a new bank account.

Step 6. To learn how to change your bank account, tap the image that comes next and zoom in.

By using these steps mentioned above, you can easily change your permanent account details and link your IIFL account through its mobile app or website.