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place a gtt order in sharekhan

Sharekhan has launched GTD (Good Till Date). An easy way to carry out buy or sell limit orders with a one-month duration is to place a GTD order on Sharekhan’s Espresso platform.

Steps to Place a GTD Order in Sharekhan

1Select Good Till (GT) Mode
2Enter in Trading
3Set a Stop Loss
4Place a Desired Price
5Confirm the Order
6Term Validity
7Go to the News Section
8Modify the Order

How Do I Place a GTD Order in Sharekhan

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on utilizing Sharekhan Espresso to place a GTD order:

Step 1: Begin by selecting Good Till (GT) mode for placing orders.

Step 2: You can enter trading at your current trading level, whether using a laptop or facing the market, and can also consider entering at the current market price. 

Step 3: You have to plan your trade and set a stop-loss before proceeding further.

For Example, take Tata Motors as an example, Select a desired buying range, like ₹340 to ₹350.

sharekhan gtd buy order

Step 4: Input the desired price you wish to buy after deciding on the desired buying range.

Step 5: Now you can confirm your order after inputting the price.

Step 6: Note that GTD orders in Share Khan have a time validity of one month, and if not executed within that time, the order needs to be replaced.

sharekhan gtd sell order

Step 7: Go to the news section and type Tata Motors to choose between NSE and BSE for placing the order.

Step 8: Now modify the order which includes price adjustments and the auto-press feature for execution.

Step 9: Remind that the time validity of the order is of one year once it is placed.

Assure yourself that the GTD order will be executed when the price enters your specified range which is provided if there is sufficient balance in your Sharekhan account.