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how to place stop loss order in icici direct

A stop-loss order refers to the buy or sell order which is used to prevent losses when there is a risk that market prices are going against the expected price.

Steps to Place Stop Loss Order in ICICI Direct

1Login to Trading Account
2Enter Portfolio Section
3Select Stock to Apply Stop Loss
4Check for Equity Portfolio Holdings
5Ensure Stop-Loss Profitability
6Enter Quantity of Stocks to Provide Stop Loss
7Set Stop Loss Price
8Verify Accuracy
9Send Stop Loss Order for Execution
10Track Performance of Holdings

How do I Place a Stop Loss Order in ICICI Direct 

Below are the steps on how to place stop loss orders in ICICI Direct in simple and practical steps.

Step 1:  Start by logging in to the mobile app which is linked to your trading account.

Step 2: Once logged in, the app screen would show your account overview, In that, enter into the portfolio section.

icici direct stop loss portfolio

Step 3: In the portfolio section, identify the stocks that are dominant in your balance and that you are wishing to apply for a stop-loss.

icici direct overview

Step 4: Now check your ICICI Direct demat account to check the stocks you have bought or sold and also check if you have any equity portfolio holdings.

Step 5: Now assess the profit and loss area to assess the profitability of your stock holdings. However, be sure that the companies you’re considering as a stop-loss are profitable.

Step 6: Now, within the app, find the option to set up a stop-loss for your investments. This frequently appears in the trading or investing section.

Step 7: Identify the stocks for which you wish to set up a stop-loss and provide the quantity (lot size) for each.

Step 8: Set a stop-loss price to each stock. This is the price at which you want it to automatically sell the stock if it meets a certain threshold. 

Step 9: Verify the stop-loss information for accuracy, and check any associated charges or fees.

Step 10: Once you’ve settled on the criteria, send the stop-loss orders for execution.

Step 11: After placing the orders, regularly review your portfolio to track the performance of your holdings and modify stop-loss levels as required.

Step 12: If needed, you can remove or change stop-loss orders through the app’s interface.

Stay yourself up-to-date on changes in the market and news that might impact your financial choices.

Following these steps will allow you to properly set a stop-loss in the ICICI Direct and manage your stock holdings more effectively.