Where Can I See A Statement Of All My Transactions With Groww?

Apr 01, 2024 Value Broking 2 Mins 2.7K
where can i see a statement of all my transaction with grow

The bank’s statement summarises the monthly transactions of an account and is typically delivered in paper or electronic form to its holder every month. The bank statements will contain information on checking and savings accounts, such as account numbers and a list of deposits and withdrawals.

Steps to See the Statement of all your Transactions with Groww

1Click My Accounts
2View Account Statement Page
3Select Statement Period Option
4Select Range
5View, Print or Download your Account Statement
6Select Method to View the Statement
7Choose View If you want to see Account Statement on Internet
8Select Options
9Click Print Option
10Select Download
11Press Go Button

How can I See Statement Of All My Transactions With Groww

Step 1: You can view the account statement by clicking My Accounts. 

groww my accounts

Step 2: You can see an account statement page.

Step 3: You must select the account for which you want to generate a statement. You can select the statement period option. It may be by date or month. 

Step 4: If you have selected the By Date option, set the starting and ending dates. 

Step 5: If you have chosen the By Month option, then select the year and month.

Step 6: You can view, print or download your account statement by selecting an option.

groww download statement

Step 7: Select a method to view, print or copy the account statement. 

groww view statement

Step 8: Choose View if you want to see your account’s statement on the Internet. 

Step 9: The number of records that will be shown on each page of a statement must 

be determined. There are five different options: 25, 50, 75, 100 and ALL. The default is all. 

Step 10: Use the View and Print options to print a copy of your account statement. 

Step 11: Choose the option for downloading or saving your account statement as an Excel or PDF file. 

Step 12: Press the Go button.

Follow these steps on the Groww to get the statement of all the transactions.