How Do I Change My Primary Bank Account Linked With Groww?

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2024 Value Broking 2 Mins 3.0K
change primary bank account linked with groww

To carry out all the transactions associated with Groww one must link a bank account. However, at times when you want to change the existing bank account. For instance, an individual may switch his account to another bank. If you are also using the services of Groww, and want to change your primary bank account, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Change Primary Bank Account Linked with Groww

1Open Your Profile
2Go To Bank Details
3Enter Details of the New Bank Account
4Set the New Account as a Primary Bank Account

How To Change Primary Bank Account Linked with Groww

Step 1: Open Your Profile

Firstly, visit the Groww website and login to your account. Then go to the profile section. You can also download the Groww app and login to access your profile. 

groww bank account profile

Step 2: Go To Bank Details

Now, click on Bank Details to find the existing bank account linked with Groww. Here you will find the primary bank account. 

groww bank account details

Step 3: Enter Details Of The New Bank Account

Next, enter the relevant details of the new bank account that you want to add. Click on “Add another account” to initiate the process. Mention the bank account, IFSC Code, branch, etc. 

Then select “SIM with a number”. Enter the phone number linked with the bank account you want to add. Then click on “Send SMS”. An SMS wil be sent from your phone number for confirmation. 

Step 4: Set The New Account As Primary Bank Account

After adding your new bank account, select it and click on “Make a primary account”. After reading the confirmation message, press make primary button again. 

groww bank account primary


The process is quite a simple one. You can easily change your primary bank account linked with Groww. Just in case, you need any assistance, contact their customer support.