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The Zerodha Support Code, also referred to as the Telephone Code or Zpin, is a 4-digit identification number used by Zerodha to authenticate customers when they contact customer support or the call & trade desk. It serves as a verification tool and is also known as the Z Pin.

Zerodha Customers Receive Three Different PIN Numbers:

  1. Kite PIN (for Login)
  2. Zerodha Telephone Code/Zerodha Support Code (for calling Zerodha)
  3. Zerodha CDSL TPIN (for Demat Sell Transaction)

To avoid confusion with other PINs, Zerodha renamed the Telephone code to Support Code. As the name implies, the support code is essential for customers seeking assistance from the broker or placing orders.

Zerodha assigns a unique 4-digit telephone code to every customer during the account opening process. When contacting Zerodha’s customer service, customers are required to input this support code into the IVR when calling from their registered phone number to connect with a support agent. If calling from a different number, customers must input their registered phone number followed by the support code in the IVR. Upon successful verification, the company representative gains access to the customer’s account information, facilitating faster assistance.

The Zerodha support code serves as identification for placing orders through the Call & Trade desk and raising support queries. This early verification process streamlines customer service interactions, improving efficiency.

It’s important to note that customers cannot select their own Zerodha Support Code; it is automatically assigned/generated by Zerodha. Customers can find or reset their support code at any time by visiting the ‘My Profile’ section of the Zerodha Console (back office) website and following the provided steps.

To Get your Zerodha Support Code (Telephone code/ZPin), follow these Steps:

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Console’ in the menu link on the top right side.

Step 3: Log in to Console using your Kite Login ID.

Step 4: Click on ‘My Profile.’

Step 5: Locate ‘Support Code’ 

zerodha support code

Source – Zerodha

Step 6: Check ‘Telephone Code/Support Code’ by clicking on the eye sign.