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sharekhan client id

A unique client ID acts as the unique PAN numbers or Aadhar Card numbers, makes it easier to find and manage a specific client, access their account details, handle their portfolios and manage their holdings.

It allows the depository participant to identify a specific client and access their unique portfolio. There are various investors having a demat account with specific portfolios with a depository participant.

In a specific demat account number of an investor, the first 8 digits are the DP ID, and the last 8 digits are the unique client ID. 

sharekhan client id

Some of the examples here, for the demat account number “IN98765432123XXX” with NSDL, “IN987XXX” is the DP ID and “32123XXX” is the unique client ID.

The demat account number “9876543212345XXX” opened with the CDSL, “98765XXX” is the DP ID and “12345XXX” is the unique client ID.