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You can follow these steps to open a Demat account in Sharekhan:

You need to keep your documents ready ( PAN, Aadhaar, bank proofs- cancelled cheques & passbook first page’s picture, 6 months bank statement that has over 10k balance).

Step 1: Fill OTP on the registered phone number.

Step 2: Enter PAN & Bank IFSC code, client’s birth details & bank a/c number then click on save & continue.

Step 3: Provide address proof and then fill in the rest of the details (PAN, signature, selfie and complete video verification).

Step 4: Upload income proof.

Step 5: On the next page, fill in personal, experience, occupational & income details. Click ‘Yes’ on the nominee. It is mandatory to add nominee details.

Step 6: Further, on the next page, add nominee details. Click on save and continue. 

Step 7: Next is email verification via OTP.

Step 8: Generate PDF & proceed to insert Aadhaar card & verify after sending OTP.

Step 9: At this stage, all steps from your end are completed and details are sent to the scrutiny team for verification.