Where Can I See a Statement of All My Transactions With Nirmal Bang?

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statement of all transactions with nirmal bang

One of the most reliable ways to look at the Demat accounts statement is through a consolidated account summary.

Steps to see Statement of All your Transactions with Nirmal Bang 

1Log In CDSL Website 
2Enter Pan Card Number
3Enter BO ID & Date Of Birth
4Verify Captcha
5Enter OTP
6Click on submit

How can I See Statement Of All My Transactions With Nirmal Bang?

Statement via CDSL

Follow the below steps to view a consolidated account summary on CDSL. 

Step 1. You can log in from this site by opening CDSL’s website and clicking the CAS login button. 

nirmal bang cdsl login

Step 2. The PAN card number must be entered now. 

Step 3. You must enter the BO ID and date of birth. 

Step 4. Verify the Captcha. 

nirmal bang cdsl enter details

Step 5. Please enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number. 

Step 6. Click on Submit. 

Step 7. If the provided information is right, CAS will be loaded in a new window with statements of ownership and accounts.

No user will be able to sign in and view the consolidated account summary unless they have an OTP. This is done for verification purposes, and the depository participant must verify a new mobile number if it has been changed.

Statement via NSDL

Here are the steps to get a consolidated account summary of Demat accounts through NSDL. 

Step 1: Find the NSDL CAS Web page at NSDL.

nirmal bang nsdl login

Step 2: Select NSDL E-CAS from the top menu.

nirmal bang nsdl e cas

Step 3: Once you have entered your CAS ID, PAN information, and captcha, click on submit.

nirmal bang nsdl cas enter details

Step 4: To find out the CAS ID, click on “Know your CAS ID” and you will be presented with a new pop-up window.

Step 5: Fill out the required fields such as PAN information, DP NAME & ID, and CLIENT ID, and verify by solving the captcha. When you click on submit, you will see the CAS ID.

Step 6: Use the CAS ID and click the Submit button. The Consolidated Account Summary (CAS) is mailed to the registered email address.


For financial transparency and oversight, it is crucial to have access to transaction records. Whether through CDSL or NSDL, investors can easily obtain consolidated account summaries (CASs) that detail their holdings, transactions, and investments. Using the above-mentioned steps, investors can gain access to their CAS, ensuring a clear picture of their financial holdings and activities.