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Motilal Oswal offers Free Equity Intraday Trading for Lifetime. The broking charges for Equity Delivery is 0.20%, 0.02% for Intraday Futures; and Rs 20 per lot for Equity and Currency Options. The commodity brokerage charges are 0.02% for Futures and Rs 200 per lot for Options. Motilal Oswal offers stock investing and trading services. 

Along with the traditional stock investment options, customers at Motilal Oswal can also invest in the shares of unlisted stocks through PMS. Customers can also find several expert-made ready-made investment options such as Investment Baskets, Intelligent Advisory Portfolios, Small cases, etc.

Fees and Charges for Motilal Oswal Trading Accounts

Motilal Oswal provides services for stock trading accounts and Demat accounts. Customers are responsible for covering the costs, commissions, and taxes associated with their transactions on Motilal Oswal. Below, you will find a breakdown of Motilal Oswal’s fee schedule and trading commission rates.

To initiate a Motilal Oswal account, you are required to make payments for account opening fees as well as annual maintenance charges (AMC).

Motilal Oswal Account Open Charges | Motilal Oswal AMC 2023

Fees for Opening a Trading Account (One-time) –Rs 0
Yearly Trading Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) Rs 0
Fees for Opening a Demat Account (One-time) – Rs 0Rs 0
Yearly Demat Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) –Rs 199