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unlock angel one trading account

Whether you want to start trading again, invest in financial instruments, or close your account, you need to reactivate it first if it is dormant.

Steps to Unlock Angel One Trading Account

1Login to Angel One
2Fetch OTP
3Account Inactive State
4Reactivate Account
5Verify Personal Information
6Two-Factor Authentication
7Request Sent

Unlocking your Angel One trading account is simple and can be done online.

How to Unlock Angel One Trading Account Online?

Step 1: Login to Angel One – Use the link to use the Angel One app on your computer or mobile device to reactivate your account.

angel one login

Step 2: Fetch OTP – Use the OTP given to your registered email address and cellphone number to confirm the login.

Step 3: Account Inactive State – Following OTP authentication, you will see your account’s inactive state and the reason for it.

Step 4: Reactivate Account – Select the “Reactivate Account” option.

Step 5: Verify Personal Information – After verifying your personal information, click “Proceed.”

Step 6: Two-Factor Authentication – Using the PAN number associated with your Angel One account, you must do the two-factor authentication.
Step 7: Request Sent – Your request will be sent when the 2FA verification process is complete, and your account will be enabled in one to two working days.