Can I Open Multiple Demat Account With Angel One?

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2024 Value Broking 1 Mins 1.7K

Yes, an investor can open several Demat accounts under different names with various Depository Participants. As mandated by SEBI, KYC information, such as evidence of identity, address, and PAN number, must be provided while opening an account.

An individual is not limited in how many demat accounts they can own. A few important things to consider when thinking about opening several Demat accounts are as follows:

1. Having two or more demat accounts is acceptable, but they can’t be held by the same broker or depository participant.

2. As is customary for all accounts, every demat account will have fees. These fees include annual maintenance fees and starting costs, which apply even without any transactions.

3. If you are a frequent trader or investor, having several Demat Accounts may be helpful. Having many trading or Demat accounts allows you to keep your investment portfolio separate.

4. Do not keep your Demat account idle. It may be frozen and require new KYC information to be submitted and reactivated.

5. Pay close attention to the money in the Demat accounts and the transactions that are taking place.