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To apply for an IPO online through UPI, you first have to create a UPI ID.

List of Steps to create BHIM UPI ID in Sharekhan

1Install BHIM app
2Login by setting up a 4-digit password
3Select and link a bank account
4Enter the last six digits and the expiry date of the debit card
5Fetch OTP, enter ATM pin, and set UPI pin
6Visit the profile section and check the UPI ID

How to Create BHIM UPI ID in Sharekhan

Step 1: Firstly, you need to install the BHIM UPI app on your phone and enter the registered phone number linked to your bank account.

sharekhan mobile number

Step 2: You can log in by setting up a 4-digit application password.

sharekhan set login pin

Step 3: You need to select and link your bank account, in case you have multiple bank accounts registered with the same phone number, go ahead and select the primary account that you used to apply for IPO. 

sharekhan select bank account

Step 4: To set your UPI pin, enter the last six digits and the expiry date of your debit card. 

sharekhan six digits and expiry

Step 5: Use the OTP that you have just received and enter your ATM PIN. Please set your UPI pin, and your UPI ID will be generated. 

sharekhan fetch otp
sharekhan set upi pin

Step 6: You have to visit the profile section on the app to check your UPI ID.

sharekhan check profile

Step 7: Mention your UPI ID in your IPO app to block funds for your bid.