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A trading account for the investor is extremely important as it is the backbone of all the investor’s transactions. We hope that you never have to face a situation in which you check the balance of your trading account and find it nil, even when you have not performed any transactions. If this happens, you should know how to protect your trading account.

There are certain ways to protect your trading account. You need to follow all those ways perfectly to protect your trading account. Do everything to keep your trading account safe from such fraudulent incidents.

You need to understand a trading account in detail before diving into how to protect your trading account.

What is a Trading Account?

A trading account is how you buy or sell securities from your Demat account. All the stock market accounts, such as Demat accounts, trading accounts, and saving accounts of investors, are linked, and they work in sync to keep your trading and investment in the stock market going. A trading account is a middle man between your savings and Demat accounts, which bridges the gap between them. You can open a trading account with any stockbroker if you have the needed documents and if you manage to satisfy your chosen DP with them.

Why You are not allowed to take your Trading Account for Granted?

In a world full of modern technology, you have access to your trading account 24/7, and you can check the real-time value. Still, you should always keep an eye on the lurking cybercriminals waiting for an opportunity to exploit your trading account. To protect your trading account, you should always be careful by following all the protection norms.

If you take your trading account for granted, you could lose control of it and lose all of your invested money overnight. Hence, be vigilant to avoid such an incident. Furthermore, because a trading account is an extremely important part of your stock market trading, an investor can lose all of their savings if they do not take care of their trading account.

You can understand it like this: you have been an active trader for a long period, and you suddenly have to stop trading for certain reasons. One day, you decide to reactivate your trading account, and you notice that all of your funds have disappeared, and you are left with nothing in your trading account. You may lose everything, so you must be aware of safeguarding your trading account initially.

The hackers who are always out on the field to disturb the tranquility of cyber security have more than one negative way to transgress your trading account. They make it extremely hard for you to ensure your safety if you are naive and cannot maintain your trading account.

You have received an unknown email and clicked on it carelessly without considering the ramifications of your actions. You may visit a certain site, which can put your trading account at risk. Take this into context and imagine the amount you will lose due to your carelessness. Hence, always be sure about what you click on. You must also be sure how much you should consider if you do not want to risk anything.

How Can You Tell If There’s a Problem?

The trading account is vulnerable to cybercriminals if you do not maintain it and are not careful regarding your methods of transactions. There can be many ways to put the safety of your trading account in danger. Hence, there are some ways through which you can ensure your safety.

Repost if:

  • If you notice any unusual activity in your trading account,
  • You notice a transaction that you did not perform.
  • If there are any nil account statements,
  • An unfamiliar bank account has been added to your trading account.
  • Have you made any changes to your trading account that you should have?

Ensure that you carry out these activities and do not ignore them, as they can ensure that you retain your entire asset in your trading account. However, do not be naive and vigilant about each development in your trading account. If required, you can consult your DP regarding what other measures you can take to ensure your trading account’s safety further. 

How to Safeguard Your Trading Account?

Here are the following ways to safeguard your trading account.

Ensure Not Using a Public Computer

There are many ways to keep track of your online trading account. As an active trader, you may feel inclined to keep a tab on your trading account at every chance you get, but always be careful and protect your trading account by not logging into a stranger’s PC. You may not know what kind of network that PC may operate on, and that factor can alone cost you the safety of your account. 

Do Not Click on Foreign Website

When you are logged into your trading account, make sure not to visit any websites you are not aware of or websites that seem suspicious. If you do so, you will be jeopardizing the safety of your trading account.

Use Password Every Time You log in

Allow no device to remember your password because you never know who might come into contact with your device and what the consequences might be. Instead, write the password down somewhere only you can see it, such as a phone number diary or anything that no one else checks.

Keep Yourself Up-to-date

Make sure to keep a constant notice on any activity that may be happening in your trading account, and report it as soon as something suspicious happens. Then, you may even protect your trading account from cybercriminals’ hands.