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A trader or investor has to open a Demat and trading account. But the question, “How to link a Demat account to a trading account?” To link your Demat & trading account is so very easy. First, you need to link them with your savings account. Many brokers in India provide the facility of opening a Demat account and trading account with zero opening charges. There are also several Demat accounts and trading account providers who charge low opening fees to beginners and provide the facility of online apps. New traders can keep track of their Demat and trading accounts.

Due to the increasing number of investors in India, the brokers have developed various facilities like online Demat account and trading account opening processes and online trading facilities. Because of its accessibility, newcomers from school and the office are becoming attracted to investing in the stock market as they become aware of India’s potential as a growing economy. As a result, they can profit from its market or become investors for the long term and make money over the years.

Yes, you have the opportunity to link a Demat account to a trading account.
rnHowever, many depository participants do not allow investors to link a Demat account opened with another broker to their trading account. The following is an example for your reference.

Suppose you have a Demat account with a bank and a trading account with a broker. In that case, the broker may not allow you to link your Demat and trading account as it can cause a lot of hassle in the transaction and lead to operational challenges.

The broker allows the investor to open both a Demat and a trading account. Then, as an investor, you can directly connect your Demat and trading account. In this case, your broker will not face the operational challenges and will eliminate the hassle of transactional issues.

You can make a Demat account linkable to a trading account by following the steps laid out by your broker. Every broker may have their requirements for documents and verification, through which you can link both of your accounts. Make sure you ask your DP to provide you with the proper knowledge about how you can link your Demat and trading account open under their management.

Demat Account vs. Trading Account

The Demat account and trading account are essential aspects of the Indian stock market. They’re both important and necessary.

  • A Demat account is where you keep hold of your shares, bonds, funds, and securities in an electronic format. A Demat account is like a bank account for your investments. You cannot trade in the Indian stock market if you do not have a Demat account.
  • A trading account is a medium through which you can trade and exchange stocks in the stock market. Every time you want to buy or sell a stock, you will perform that through your trading account.

Both of these accounts have their importance in trading and investment. However, you cannot compare them as they perform different functions in the stock market and are equally important and work simultaneously.

You must open both your trading and Demat accounts with the same broker. It will make it easier to link your Demat and trading account. 

SEBI or the Securities and Exchange Board of India, regulations apply that an individual can open multiple numbers of Demat accounts. So there is no restriction on that matter whatsoever, but keep one thing clear in your mind: you will have to pay the opening charges and the annual maintenance charges on all the Demat accounts to your brokers. 

You are not allowed to open multiple Demat accounts or trading accounts with the same DP, and this fact alone plays a significant role in linking a Demat & trading account.

Yes, connecting your multiple Demat accounts with a trading account is an option. However, it depends entirely on the broker with whom you have your trading account, as connecting many Demat accounts to a single trading account can cause a great deal of stress for your broker, and they do not want to deal with that kind of stress. That is one of the reasons why many brokers do not allow this facility for their investors, and you can also link your multiple trading accounts to a single Demat account. Still, in this case, the problem will remain constant.

You can link your multiple Demat accounts with a single trading account with a broker who provides that facility. However, linking multiple Demat accounts to the trading account may differ from one broker to another. So, follow the steps provided by your DP/ broker to make a Demat account linkable to a trading account.


As you may understand by now, both a Demat account and a trading account are interconnected and perform differently from each other. The role of a Demat account and a trading account is to keep your funds or securities safe and buy and sell them simultaneously.

You can link a Demat & trading account depending on your broker. They may allow you to have that luxury. An investor can have no restrictions on the number of Demat accounts or trading accounts, but you will have to pay account maintenance charges. You’re not allowed to open more than one trading or Demat account with the same broker. There are many benefits to having multiple Demat accounts and trading accounts, but several drawbacks exist.

If you wish to link your multiple Demat accounts to a single trading account, ask your DP whether they have that facility or not. If they allow that facility, you can easily link your accounts together. However, if they do not provide that facility, search for a DP who does provide that facility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Linking a Demat account to a trading account is easy if you open both accounts in the same depository.

To avail of the seamless trading experience in the stock market, you must link your Demat account and trading account.

Both Demat and trading accounts are essential to participating in the stock market. They help you to carry out seamless and convenient transactions. A Demat account acts as a repository, while a trading account facilitates you to buy and sell stocks and other securities in the market.

To link your Demat account to Upstox, log in to your Upstox account, steer to the ‘Profile’ section, and follow the linking instructions.

You can have numerous Demat and trading accounts with brokers per SEBI policies. Ensure adherence to regulations.