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You should know how to add a nominee to a Dematerialized account because a nominee for your  Demat account is like an heir to your family. They can claim the deceased person’s shares, funds, securities, or Demat account holder. 

How to Add a Nominee in a Demat Account Online

You may be wondering about the process of appointing a nominee to my Demat account?”. The following are the steps to register a nominee to a Demat account:

  • First, make sure that your Aadhaar and your phone number are linked 
  • Go to the company’s website with your Demat account and sign in with your credentials.
  • Visit the nominee section and select the number of nominees you want to add.
  • Add the details of your nominee, like their Identity proof. You can submit their Aadhaar card, PAN card, their birth certificate, for that matter.
  • Now mention the details of your Aadhaar card.
  • After you mention all your Aadhaar card details, You will get the OTP on your mobile number linked to your Aadhar card.
  • Once you fill out the OTP that you have received, you will get a confirmation message on the same number, and once you confirm it, you will get the nominee added to your Demat account.

Ensure to follow all the steps to add a nominee to your Dematerialized account.

How to Add a Nominee in a Demat Account Offline

The following is the process to add a nominee to your account offline:

  • Go to the website of your Demat account provider and download the nomination form; you can also visit their headquarters and ask for the nomination form. If your Demat account provider keeps the hard copy of the nomination form, they will allow you to take it with you.
  • Make sure to write down all the details mentioned in the form.
  • Deliver the hard copy of your nomination form to the headquarters address of your Demat account provider.
  • Send the ID proof of your nominee. It can be the Aadhaar card, PAN card, Birth certificate, voter’s card, etc.

You should follow them in proper order to avoid making any mistakes.

The nomination fee to add your nominee is not chargeable the first time. However, some Demat account providers may charge you for that, but charges may apply if you wish to modify your nomination. 

Features of a Demat Account

A Demat account is the backbone of the stock market in India, as you cannot trade in the Indian stock market without it. It keeps your stocks and other securities by eliminating the stress of keeping the physical documents. Thus, it became an integral part of the Indian trading system. 

Many stockbrokers and Demat account providers provide the facility of Demat account opening to beginners. Furthermore, you can also open a free Demat account since many brokers provide that luxury with reasonable account management charges (i.e., AMC).

The Demat account providers also allow investors to open a free Demat account after observing the number of investors. In addition, a Demat account can be opened online and offline, depending on the investor’s preference.

The existence of a nominee for your  Demat account will ultimately make the process of security and fund transmission more lenient for your heir.

Important Points to Consider While Adding a Nominee to the Demat Account

Adding a Demat account nominee is not mandatory but is still a vital backup. For example, imagine you went through difficulties and couldn’t leave anything for your loved ones. It’s true, but you can avoid it if you make the right decision. Hence, adding a nominee to your Demat account is a suggestion.

It is not compulsory to have only one nominee; you can have more than one, but the maximum limit depends on one organization. Most of the organizations provide the facility of having up to three nominees for your Demat account.

The current Demat account holder can choose a ratio or percentage of securities transferred to each nominee account. For example, if you name a single nominee, the securities will get transferred to their account. In contrast, if you choose to have more than one nominee, let’s say, three nominees, the securities of the Demat account holder, would be distributed among them.

The Demat account holder is the complete owner of all the funds and securities and chooses whether or not to name a nominee. Therefore, it is only a wise suggestion from a professional point of view, but keep in mind that the appointment of a nominee is not permanent. 

As previously stated, the Demat account holder is the complete owner, and they can decide who to choose as a nominee, and the nominee chosen by them can be changed or removed from the Demat account as per their liking.

Why is it important to add a nominee to the Demat account?

You’re losing out on several benefits if you haven’t yet nominated a nominee to your account. A nominee is a person who has permission to access your account on your behalf. It’s critical to add a nominee so that you can start testing new features and give feedback to help us improve them. This also ensures that the consumer experience will be as frictionless as possible.

The Demat account serves as the central repository for all of your financial data, and having a nominee on the account will help to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure. A nominee is a representative that users can designate to vote at the Bank on their behalf. The nominee will have the ability to act on behalf of the user, such as withdrawing funds from the account, transferring funds, and conducting other financial transactions. In addition, the nominee will have access to the user’s information, such as previous transactions and balances, to make choices on behalf of the user.


Suppose you have chosen someone as your nominee and your DP already has all the information about them. In that case, they can transfer the funds to your nominee after an inevitable verification process. Thus, your nominee will not have to visit the courtroom for a “no objection certificate” to claim the Demat account holder’s security and funds. However, suppose. The nominee is not present. In that case, the family of the Demat account holder will face a lot of paperwork to claim the ownership of the account holder’s securities and funds.

Ensure to follow the process of adding a nominee to a Demat account if you do not want any difficulties while adding a nominee.