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login on the old upstox app

In the old Upstox app login system is via mobile number and 6-digit PIN or biometrics such as Face ID/Touch ID.

Steps to log in on the old Upstox app

1Enter the Registered Mobile Number
2Enter OTP
3Enter PIN
4Enable biometrics

How Do I Login to Old Upstox App?

Here is step by step guide to log in on the old Upstox App:

Step 1: Enter your Upstox registered 10-digit mobile phone number.

upstox login mobile number

Step 2: An OTP will be sent to your mobile number and email address. Enter these to proceed.

upstox fetch otp

Step 3: Create a 6-digit PIN and confirm it. You can enter your 6-digit PIN if you already have it.

upstox login generate pin

Step 4: Enable your biometrics (if your phone supports it, such as Face ID/Touch ID). You can also skip this step.

upstox login enable biometrics

After following these steps, you will be successfully logged in to Upstox.