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One of the most important parts of stop-loss orders is the trigger price. When a certain price is reached, traders can place a stop-loss order to limit their losses. As soon as the security price reaches the trigger price, an automatic stop-loss order is executed. A stop-loss can be a lifesaver when the market is volatile. Stop-loss levels enable traders to automatically close positions as soon as they reach them. In this post, let’s explore the steps to place stop loss order.

How to Place Stop Loss Order?

When your stock reaches a certain price level, a Stop Loss order automatically places a sell order to limit your losses. Here are the steps for placing stop-loss orders in Sharekhan:

Step 1: Use Sharekhan’s website, mobile app, or Trade Tiger to log in.

Step 2: Keep an eye on your favourite stocks by adding them to the watchlist.

Step 3: Put in a trade order (buy or sell) of your choice.

Step 4: You can place a stop loss (SL) order by selecting “Stop-loss” and entering the trigger price.

Step 5: Once you’ve confirmed the order, you’ve successfully placed an order on stop loss.

Trading and risk management are not complete without stop-loss orders. You can use them to protect yourself from much higher losses in the market when it is experiencing a high level of losses. By following the above steps, you can easily place a stop loss order in Share Khan.