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set up ddpi on angel one online

DDPI can be activated online during the account opening process. When entering your employment type, check the box next to Demat Debit Pledge Instruction (DDPI) and click ‘NEXT’. Your DDPI activation process will be completed once the eSign for Angel One account creation has been completed.

List of Steps to Set up DDPI on Angel One Online

1Click the Profile icon on the Account Page
2Click All Categories on the Profile Page
3Click the DDPI Icon
4Click on Proceed To E-Sign
5Enter Aadhar Number
6Fetch OTP Received

How to Set Up DDPI on Angel One Online

Following are the steps to activate DDPI during Angel One onboarding:

Step 1: Click on the Profile icon on the Account page.

angel one ddpi open account page

Step 2: Under the Profile page, click ‘View All Categories’.

angel one ddpi view categories

Step 3: Under the ‘View All Categories’ section, click ‘DDPI’. You will see ‘Inactive’ if DDPI has not been activated.

angel one select ddpi

Step 4: Click on the ‘Proceed To E-Sign’ button.

angel one ddpi e sign

Step 5: To e-sign, enter your Aadhaar number and check the box below to acknowledge the terms and conditions.

angel one ddpi enter aadhaar number

Step 6: Enter the OTP sent to your Aadhaar-linked mobile phone.

angel one ddpi enter otp