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IIFL Securities Remisiers

IIFL Securities has total list of 4227 registered remisiers. You can find the detailed remisiers list for IIFL Securities along with their.

IIFL Securities Remisier Registration Details

Sr. No Remisier Name Trade Name Remisier Registration No
2 705 Rani 7 Rani Mehrotra R/0179/10259/10/04/2006
3 A Anil Kumar Varma A Anil Kumar Varma R/0179/31838/15/09/2009
4 A Ansari A Ansari R/0179/31019/11/08/2009
5 A Dineshkumar A Dineshkumar R/0179/30513/22/07/2009
6 A Dominic A Dominic R/0179/25149/24/10/2008
7 A K Chandrasekaran A K Chandrasekaran R/0179/34998/25/01/2010
8 A Mangayarkarsi A Mangayarkarsi R/0179/34076/17/12/2009
9 A Pavan Kumar A Pavan Kumar R/0179/29312/25/05/2009
10 A Rama Rao A Rama Rao R/0179/30364/16/07/2009
11 A S Anil Kumar A S Anil Kumar R/0179/33547/27/11/2009
12 A S Khanna A S Khanna R/0179/14574/23/04/2007
13 A Safiulla A Safiulla R/0179/26246/18/12/2008
14 A Shahjehan A Shahjehan R/0179/34783/18/01/2010
15 A Sreenivas A Sreenivas R/0179/34963/25/01/2010
16 A Sridevi A Sridevi R/0179/29554/05/06/2009
17 A Suresh Menon A Suresh Menon R/0179/28595/01/04/2009
18 A Thangavel A Thangavel R/0179/35931/18/03/2010
19 A U V Maheswara Rao A U V Maheswara Rao R/0179/34852/21/01/2010
20 A Vani A Vani R/0179/31411/28/08/2009
21 A Vanugopal Reddy A Venugopal Reddy R/0179/32632/21/10/2009
22 A. A. Ramkrishnan A. A. Ramakrishnan R/0179/11852/29/08/2006
23 A. Gopichandar Gopindar R/0179/10625/23/05/2006
24 A. K. Dhanaraj A. K. Dhanaraj R/0179/23950/15/09/2008
25 A. Kamalkishore A. Kamal Kishore R/0179/20004/15/02/2008
26 A.G. Vaidyanathan A.G. Vaidyanathan R/0179/13560/08/02/2007
27 Aadhavan D Aadhavan D R/0179/35660/26/02/2010
28 Aaditya Gupta Aaditya Gupta R/0179/29365/25/05/2009
29 Aarti Arora Aarti Arora R/0179/24559/08/10/2008
30 Aashima Amit Shah Aashima Amit Shah R/0179/19473/24/01/2008
31 AASHISHS AASHISHS R/0179/18556/27/12/2007
32 Abbas Abbas R/0179/13873/27/02/2007
33 Abdhesh Sharma Abdhesh Sharma R/0179/12195/26/09/2006
34 Abdul H. P.C Abdul H. P.C R/0179/13187/27/12/2006
35 Abdul Habib Mohammed Abdul Ahad Habib Mohammed R/0179/28105/13/03/2009
36 Abdul Hai Abdul Basid Abdul Hai Abdul Basid R/0179/34271/29/12/2009
37 Abdul Jamal Momin Abdul Jamal Momin R/0179/17602/05/11/2007
38 Abdul Khaleelullahs Abdul Khaleelullahs R/0179/06703/16/07/2005
39 Abdul Nasir Abdul Nasir R/0179/25679/01/12/2008
40 Abdul Rahman Qureshi Abdul Rahman Qureshi R/0179/25052/22/10/2008
41 Abdul Salam Abdul Salam R/0179/32502/15/10/2009
42 Abha Abha R/0179/32805/28/10/2009
43 Abha Agrawal Abha Agrawal R/0179/13908/27/02/2007
44 Abha Chaurasia Abha Chaurasia R/0179/15667/03/07/2007
45 Abhay Kumar Abhay Kumar R/0179/34692/13/01/2010
46 Abhay S Bhoir Abhay S Bhoir R/0179/26632/02/01/2009
47 Abhay Singh Abhay Singh R/0179/15868/11/07/2007
48 Abhijeet Abhijeet R/0179/13096/15/12/2006
49 Abhijit Chandra Abhijit Chandra R/0179/28908/24/04/2009
50 Abhijit Dutta Choudhury Abhijit Dutta Choudhury R/0179/33998/15/12/2009

Showing 1-50 out of 4227 registered remisiers with IIFL Securities

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