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Anugrah Stock And Broking Remisiers

Anugrah Stock And Broking has total list of 46 registered remisiers. You can find the detailed remisiers list for Anugrah Stock And Broking along with their.

Anugrah Stock And Broking Remisier Registration Details

Sr. No Remisier Name Trade Name Remisier Registration No
1 Anju Jigar Shah Anju Jigar Shah R/0921/24220/18/09/2008
2 Arvind Chokshi Arvind Chokshi R/0921/39711/08/02/2011
3 Ashvani R Singh Ashvani R Singh R/0921/43092/12/09/2014
4 Bijal N Vora Bijal N Vora R/0921/42945/09/05/2014
5 Chandraprakash S. Pandey Chandraprakash S. Pandey R/0921/17079/09/10/2007
6 Gaurang Gandhi Gaurang Gandhi R/0921/17163/09/10/2007
7 Gaurang H Kachalia Gaurang H Kachalia R/0921/42602/19/07/2013
8 Jitendra N. Turakhia Jitendra N. Turakhia R/0921/18063/26/11/2007
9 Jyoti Kishor Chhatra Jyoti Kishor Chhatra R/0921/19772/06/02/2008
10 Jyoti Navin Shah Jyoti Navin Shah R/0921/23084/21/07/2008
11 Jyoti Ramesh Malde Jyoti Ramesh Malde R/0921/25195/24/10/2008
12 Kamlesh L. Shah Kamlesh L. Shah R/0921/19436/23/01/2008
13 Kaushik Natvarlal Shah Kaushik Natvarlal Shah R/0921/43071/28/08/2014
14 M/s. Dhiraj Investments M/s. Dhiraj Investments R/0921/21487/02/05/2008
15 M/s. Khodiyar Investments M/s. Khodiyar Investments R/0921/21597/06/05/2008
16 M/s. Sai Investments & Securities M/s. Sai Investments & Securities R/0921/23633/12/08/2008
17 M/s. Shivam Stock Broking M/s. Shivam Stock Broking R/0921/22631/02/07/2008
18 Manisha Suryakant Wadgave Manisha Suryakant Wadgave R/0921/24554/08/10/2008
19 Mehul Jayantibai Dedhia Mehul Jayantibai Dedhia R/0921/17972/21/11/2007
20 Mital Sureshchandra Shah Mital Sureshchandra Shah R/0921/23026/21/07/2008
21 Mitesh Gopallal Agarwal Mitesh Gopallal Agarwal R/0921/23219/22/07/2008
22 Mitesh Y Chotai Mitesh Y Chotai R/0921/39352/21/12/2010
23 Mukesh Subhash Thakker Mukesh Subhash Thakker R/0921/17536/29/10/2007
24 N. S. M. Securities N. S. M. Securities R/0921/19894/08/02/2008
25 Neeta Rajesh Shah Neeta Rajesh Shah R/0921/17621/05/11/2007
26 Nimesh Gohil Nimesh Gohil R/0921/30400/16/07/2009
27 Nishant Deepak Mehra Nishant Deepak Mehra R/0921/19285/17/01/2008
28 Parag Chandrakant Shah Parag Chandrakant Shah R/0921/34735/13/01/2010
29 Rajendra M. Bhatt Rajendra M. Bhatt R/0921/17821/14/11/2007
30 Rajendrakumar Sindoliya Rajendrakumar Sindoliya R/0921/23082/21/07/2008
31 Rajesh Jakhotia Rajesh Jakhotia R/0921/26740/06/01/2009
32 Rajesh P. Doshi Rajesh P. Doshi R/0921/21836/23/05/2008
33 Ravi Bhagwandas Panchal Ravi Bhagwandas Panchal R/0921/23220/22/07/2008
34 Renu Sanjay Maheshwari Renu Sanjay Maheshwari R/0921/24603/08/10/2008
35 S. K. Consultancy S. K. Consultancy R/0921/17567/29/10/2007
36 Shailesh Narottamdas Mulani Shailesh Narottamdas Mulani R/0921/22425/18/06/2008
37 Shalini Goyal Shalini Goyal R/0921/18137/29/11/2007
38 Shilpa Jain Shilpa Jain R/0921/24312/06/10/2008
39 Smit Pravin Gudhka Smit Pravin Gudhka R/0921/42876/28/02/2014
40 Snehal Rajesh Patil Snehal Rajesh Patil R/0921/25924/10/12/2008
41 Somnath Ramesh Kale Somnath Ramesh Kale R/0921/23562/08/08/2008
42 Sunita Rajesh Jakhotia Sunita Rajesh Jakhotia R/0921/24231/18/09/2008
43 Sushant Suresh Ambre Sushant Suresh Ambre R/0921/22610/02/07/2008
44 Urmila Agarwal Urmila Agarwal R/0921/17767/07/11/2007
45 Vijaykumar K. Patel Vijaykumar K. Patel R/0921/22856/09/07/2008
46 Vinod Kumar Sharma Vinod Kumar Sharma R/0921/19828/08/02/2008

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