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Angel Broking Remisiers

Angel Broking has total list of 674 registered remisiers. You can find the detailed remisiers list for Angel Broking along with their.

Angel Broking Remisier Registration Details

Sr. No Remisier Name Trade Name Remisier Registration No
1 A Srinivasa Rao A Srinivasa Rao R/0612/29507/05/06/2009
2 A. B. Financial A. B. Financial R/0612/23271/24/07/2008
3 A. Ponraj A. Ponraj R/0612/14851/10/05/2007
4 Adarsh Babu Yerragunta Adarsh Babu Yerragunta R/0612/16904/24/09/2007
5 Adil Abdus Salam Kazi Adil Abdus Salam Kazi R/0612/26613/02/01/2009
6 Agrawal Enterprises Agrawal Enterprises R/0612/16744/06/09/2007
7 Aims Investment Solution Aims Investment Solution R/0612/20755/25/03/2008
8 Ajay K. Gopaluni Ajay K. Gopaluni R/0612/09473/10/02/2006
9 Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar R/0612/20170/19/02/2008
10 Akash R. Gordia Akash R. Gordia R/0612/22635/02/07/2008
11 Ami Meghal Shah Ami Meghal Shah R/0612/15619/03/07/2007
12 Amruta A. Paranjape Amruta A. Paranjape R/0612/10100/04/04/2006
13 Anamika Samanta Anamika Samanta R/0612/13519/29/01/2007
14 Anand R. Singh Anand R. Singh R/0612/14853/10/05/2007
15 Anant Murthy B.H. Anant Murthy B.H. R/0612/14412/12/04/2007
16 Anil K. Tiwary Anil K. Tiwary R/0612/12928/12/12/2006
17 Anil Kumar Gupta Anil Kumar Gupta R/0612/25335/07/11/2008
18 Anish Shukla Anish Shukla R/0612/17525/23/10/2007
19 Anita Gupta Anita Gupta R/0612/22294/16/06/2008
20 Anjani Govind Kormure Anjani Govind Kormure R/0612/21526/02/05/2008
21 Ankit A Jain Ankit A Jain R/0612/33399/19/11/2009
22 Anklikar Jain Securities Anklikar Jain Securities R/0612/14172/19/03/2007
23 Anta P. Jain Anta P. Jain R/0612/02773/13/05/2004
24 Anubhav Talwar Anubhav Talwar R/0612/14403/12/04/2007
25 Arif Amirali Fazulbhoy Arif Amirali Fazulbhoy R/0612/28395/20/03/2009
26 Arigala Gangadharam Arigala Gangadharam R/0612/10459/28/04/2006
27 Arigala Sujatha Arigala Sujatha R/0612/12526/31/10/2006
28 Arihant Securities Arihant Securities R/0612/12108/18/09/2006
29 Arjunan Ravikumar Arjunan Ravikumar R/0612/12931/12/12/2006
30 Arti K. Chandwani Arti K. Chandwani R/0612/14664/23/04/2007
31 ArunabenYogesh Shah ArunabenYogesh Shah R/0612/16819/14/09/2007
32 Arvind Gangadhar Navare Arvind G. Navare R/0612/24708/14/10/2008
33 Arvind Kumar P. Arvind Kumar P. R/0612/09216/23/01/2006
34 Asha Pahuja Asha Pahuja R/0612/30154/08/07/2009
35 Asha Patel Asha Patel R/0612/10915/12/06/2006
36 Ashirwad Investments Ashirwad Investments R/0612/13345/16/01/2007
37 Ashish Ashokkumar Khatri Ashish Ashokkumar Khatri R/0612/16625/29/08/2007
38 Ashish K. Mehta Ashish K. Mehta R/0612/09642/28/02/2006
39 Ashish Parakh Ashish Parakh R/0612/10460/28/04/2006
40 Ashok Kumar Paliwal Ashok Kumar Paliwal R/0612/23206/22/07/2008
41 Ashok R. Parekh Ashok R. Parekh R/0612/09154/17/01/2006
42 Ashokbhai Babulal Thakkar Ashokbhai Babulal Thakkar R/0612/16766/14/09/2007
43 Ashraf Fatemohamed Shaikh Ashraf Fatemohamed Shaikh R/0612/18625/27/12/2007
44 Ashwin R. Zaveri Ashwin R. Zaveri R/0612/09900/09/03/2006
45 Asim Anil Makani Asim Anil Makani R/0612/21776/14/05/2008
46 Astha Consultancy Astha Consultancy R/0612/10064/27/03/2006
47 Avana Investments Avana Investments R/0612/18895/09/01/2008
48 B Giri Babu B Giri Babu R/0612/27777/20/02/2009
49 B. Vamsi Mohan Reddy B. Vamsi Mohan Reddy R/0612/11487/19/07/2006
50 Bacchu I. Kumar Bacchu I. Kumar R/0612/10837/12/06/2006

Showing 1-50 out of 674 registered remisiers with Angel Broking

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