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Anand Rathi Share And Stock Brokers Remisiers

Anand Rathi Share And Stock Brokers has total list of 14 registered remisiers. You can find the detailed remisiers list for Anand Rathi Share And Stock Brokers along with their.

Anand Rathi Share And Stock Brokers Remisier Registration Details

Sr. No Remisier Name Trade Name Remisier Registration No
1 Afsha Anjum Afsha Anjum R/0949/39531/05/01/2011
2 Grow Rich Investments Grow Rich Investments R/0949/07986/15/10/2005
3 Mr. Ashwin Gandhi Aashri Fincap R/0949/04055/19/10/2004
4 Mr. Beharidas Khandelwal Premium Investments R/0949/04053/19/10/2004
5 Mr. Manoj S. Kabra Manoj S. Kabra R/0949/04412/06/12/2004
6 Mr. Virendra d. Agarwal V D A Investments R/0949/04414/06/12/2004
7 Ms. Anju Devi Karwa Anju Devi Karwa R/0949/03650/06/09/2004
8 Ms. Pushpalata Gupta Pushpalata Gupta R/0949/03768/14/09/2004
9 Nensi D. Shah Nensi D. Shah R/0949/07769/05/10/2005
10 Paritosh Tyagi Paritosh Tyagi R/0949/38361/06/09/2010
11 Prakash M Prakash M R/0949/39017/22/11/2010
12 Shri Sarveshwar Investment Shri Sarveshwar Investment R/0949/07944/15/10/2005
13 Shyam Securities Shyam Securities R/0949/08811/12/12/2005
14 Suryakanth Oza Suryakanth Oza R/0949/39571/17/01/2011

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